New:  Northwest Congressional delegation letter to President Obama, urging his Administration to initiate negotiations with Canada on the Columbia River Treaty.  See also the Press Release

Through the Columbia River Treaty review process, the Power Group wants to ensure a fair and equitable outcome for the estimated 6.4 million Pacific Northwest electric customers we serve. Based on our shared interests, the Power Group supports the following principles:

Downstream Power Benefits

  • Any payment made to Canada for downstream power benefits should not exceed one-half of the actual incremental power benefit achieved through a coordinated United States/Canada operation as compared to a non-coordinated operation.

Non-Power Benefits

  • Consistent with the flood control funding approach employed throughout the United States, any payments for Columbia River flood control should be the responsibility of the taxpayers of the United States.
  • Each of the entities providing the Canadian Entitlement return already have robust environmental mitigation plans embedded in their project authorizations and developed in legal forums. Along with the cost of the Entitlement return, this mitigation is funded by utility customers. Therefore, an equitable correction to the Entitlement should not lead to an increased mitigation requirement.
If these principles cannot be met, then the United States has no other option but to provide notification of termination by 2014.