You are overpaying for clean energy that belongs to the U.S.

The United States government estimates that due to the Canadian Entitlement, U.S. electric consumers are overpaying relative to the benefits of the Columbia River Treaty by about $300 million per year.


What is the Columbia River Treaty?

The Columbia River is the fourth largest river in North America. In 1964, the Columbia River Treaty was enacted between the U.S. and Canada for the mutual development of the Columbia River power and flood control systems.

Who is the Columbia Treaty Power Group?

The Columbia River Treaty Power Group is advocating for a fair and equitable outcome of a modernized treaty on behalf of electric rate payers throughout the Northwest.

Why it matters

The Power Group recently held a virtual town hall to discuss how the “Canadian Entitlement” provision within the Columbia River Treaty is impacting resource adequacy and reliability of the grid. View the webinar via the link below.


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No Time to Delay

In September 2024 the flood control provisions of the Columbia River Treaty automatically change. At this time Canada will no longer be obligated by the Treaty to provide primary flood control on the Columbia River. A dramatic change which will require the U.S. to pay Canada whenever the U.S. “calls upon” Canada for flood control operations.



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